Welcome to Best1 Window & Glass Replacement Company with experience in Las Vegas well over 75 years.  Our services covers all window and glass replacement and repair services.  Our aim is to offer you the best quality and value for your home glass replacement and window repair services.  These services are for your home or business, and we are more than well equipped to deal with any repair and replacement service you need.  If you live in the Las Vegas areas and are looking for a window and glass replacement company you will find no-one who offers such high quality products and services for such a good value.  We offer all our clients flexible scheduling, high quality services and products, and cost effective pricing; our customers are our priority!

​We offer a number of window and glass replacement services, which range from repair, replacement, and custom orders.  At Best1 Window & Glass Replacement Company, we are able to take on various jobs no matter how big or small the project.  We do not feel any job is too small for us, so never hesitate to call.  Just because the job is small in nature, it does not mean you should not be able to get the best.  With our glass replacement services, we will be able to repair any glass you need for your windows.  We have a wide range of glass that you can pick from, and will be able to install it for you in no time.  We know that with a broken glass, the security of your house is in question, which is why we offer quick services to ensure that the security of your home or business is restored in no time.  If you want a pane replacement for a window and we do not have the glass of that size or style in stock, we will come and take the measurements and board your window up for the mean time.  This will ensure the security of your home for the time being and we will stay in contact with you to install the new glass.

​If you are looking for dual pane window repair services, our professionals will be more than willing to work on your window.  Just because you need the panes replaced, does not mean we will replace the entire window. Window replacements are only suggested when your entire window is broken.  We wish to make our services as cost effective as possible, which is why we will never suggest any service that is not required.  For a dual pane replacement, we will never suggest you change your entire window. We will simply come in and replace the glass, which will ensure a more energy efficient solution; and it will add to the curb appeal of your home.  Best1 Window & Glass Replacement Company also offers custom window and glass repair, so no matter if you are just looking for a glass replacement, an entire window replacement, or a custom window and glass job we will be here to provide you with the best services.  We can take on any custom on standard job, so you do not have to worry about calling in a different service for a custom job.  With our cost effective solutions, you will never need to hire any other company in town.  We can take on glass repair for table tops, mirrors, garage doors, patio doors, entry doors, cabinets, and all other glass replacements.

Professional service is our trademark.  Call us today at 702 823 0507; let’s talk windows!